Feedback from my presentation

september 16, 2008

Marcus Höök’s gave me a lot of good feedback and advices after today’s presentation ”How I defeated my fear”. I should think more about

– having a good position depending on were the audience is. It’s not good to be to far away from them.

– not standing in front of the projector when showing pictures.

– not say ”eeeh” so much. If I forget what to say It’s better to just be quiet and take a little time to think about the next step.

– mark and be more clear with the highlights in my story more.

– not to talk to long. It’s important to keep the presentation within the time limits (I know, I’m a time optimist).

– If I’m showing or describing something that’s fun or crazy it’s better to present it louder, more crazy and more theatrical. Be a theater monkey=)

I think this was a great exercise because I need to be more comfortable standing in front of an audience. I need to believe in myself because I know I’m peforming really well if I’m just practicing on my text on the current subject.

Communication Skills – Here we go

september 15, 2008

We’ve just been introduced to our new, two week long module. It’s gonna be a lot of presentation and rhetorical training.  I’ve always felt that talking in front of people is pretty tough and embarrassing, especially when I’m talking about a subject that I’m not interested in. But as always – you need to face your fears to evolve. I’m afraid and excited at the same time.

september 12, 2008

The mission was to create an animation to an old, ten seconds long sound clip from a famous movie. My group got the classic ”Heeere’s Johnny”-clip from horror movie The Shining. We had less than 20 hours to deadline. After some brainstorming with the group I came up with a crazy idea that had nothing to do with the original movie. I just love when those flipped ideas popping up in my head. And they’re doing it pretty often. That’s sort of why I think that the advertisement business is gonna be something for me.

After some picture hunting at google, flickr and other picture sources we created a 3D environment with 2D layers in After Effects. Eric from the Interactive Art Director-class put the pieces together and worked with the camera movement and the lightning effects to make everything come alive.

This is the hilarious result:

I’ve been busy

september 12, 2008

I’ve been really bad with updates the last week. It’s been a busy week, I tell you! Every damn night I’ve been sitting past midnight animating in After Effects. Every night I took the last subway home. My spare time has been nonexistent. I know, that’s no good, even if I love creating and designing. That’s the reason I came here. But the fact is that I need my spare time to charge my batteries and to feel healthy. I need to get time for training, friends and all the other stuff that gets me going. It’s important to find a good balance.

I really want to blog as well, but I’ve had so much other things to do and think of. I’ve been blogging for over a year at my other blog and sometimes I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s fun to write about your thoughts, ideas and to make other people want to read your stuff. My goal is to keep my old blog running with updates about my life in general. The meaning of this blog however is to write about Hyper Island, the education, the people, and all the fun and weird stuff that’s going on around me here at school. And it’s also a great opportunity for me to practice some english. I will do my best to keep both of them running. We’ll see if there’s time…


september 3, 2008

I think it’s best to get used to late nights at the desk at Hyper island. Presentation time tomorrow and I’m the only one from the group who’s still here (as usual). I’m a perfectionist but I hate stress. Not a good combo. And now I’m chewing a spearmint gum so I don’t have to open the hatch, go down the stairs and brush my teeth when I’m coming home to Stefan. I don’t think the gum’s gona make my hamburger breath go away.

Song of the day

september 3, 2008

Tommy Seebach – Apache

Song of the day

september 2, 2008

Feeder – Feeling The Moment


september 1, 2008

The longest school day this far has come to an end. Now I’m going home.

Kalmar dance ™

augusti 31, 2008

Friday night at club ”90’s” was a blast! We was about six (correct me if I’m wrong) Hyper DM students who shaked ass to some of the greatest songs from the 90’s (Who can refuse E-type, Basic Element and Pandora…and Hanson!?). Me and my friends from Kalmar have a trademark called Kalmar dance ™. It’s not about being a professional dancer doing moonwalks, handstands and all that shit. It’s about having fun, doing funny and extraordinary dances that no ones ever seen before. And most important of all –  it’s about being the king of the dance floor. A king that influences other people and making THEM spreading Kalmar dance ™.

Shake that ass!

Preparty by myself

augusti 29, 2008

Prepartys by yourself is pretty underestimated. I mean, no one can complain about all the great music you are playing and the quietness that exists is not one of those embarrassing one’s that can oceaur. I’m actually enjoying it. Eating porrage and drinking the worlds worst blueberry liqueur is a good combo…hehe..he..he….he. Not.